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    From the grocery store parking lot of Dubois Super Foods, 610 W Ramshorn St in Dubois, go west toward Jackson on US 26/US 287 approximately 8 to 8.5 miles to the turnoff on a dirt road which is on the right and just before a bridge.  Once you turn off, there is a large "no trespassing" sign on the left (disregard).  Continue on that road through two green metal gates (please leave gates as you find them).  Approximately one mile past the last green gate, the road forks.  Take the road to the right which climbs up a hill.  Continue on this road and go through another green gate. Stay on this road until you reach the top of a hill after an "S" curve.  Take the most used road to the left and follow it until you reach a wooden gate with a sign that says "Ram's Horn Guest Ranch."  You will see the ranch buildings.  Take the first right to get to the buildings.  Welcome to our ranch!

    • Physical Address: 334 Ramshorn Ranch Rd, Dubois, WY  85213
    • Mailing Address: PO Box 564, Dubois, WY  85213
    • Call: (307) 349-3331 in winter or (307) 455-3921 in summer
    • Email: jlprine@gmail.com

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